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 Basic Rules when I host a match

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PostSubject: Basic Rules when I host a match   Thu Jul 30, 2009 4:52 pm

For anyone I've played with before, just started playing with, or brand new people. Follow these guidelines and everything will be fine.

Thing you can do:

1. Join a match. You do not need permission. If you are on my Friends List, that IS your permission.

2. Vote. You may vote for your choice of Game, Weapon, and Map each round. The exceptions are below.

3. Use ATs. I am referring to weapon ATs. You may Shotgun Cancel, you may Charge hold, etc.

Things you cannot do:

1. Do not vote for Marathon, ever.

2. Do not vote for Explosives, ever. Over Wii Speak we might decided to play with them, and then it is okay.

3. Do not vote for Random. If you do not care what we play, abstain.

4. Do not vote for the same weapon set or map that was just played.

5. Do not use any map glitch. I do not care if someone fools around every once in a while, but only in "carefree" games.

6. Do not (seriously) whine or complain about something. If you are not having fun, quit.

7. Grenades are banned. You may not throw a single grenade. This is now standard.

8. Power weapons are banned. Do not even pick them up. This is now standard.

Most of the core of our group agrees on these rules. If you break these rules I will just remove you from my friends list. Very simple. If you have any questions regarding them please ask in the chatbox.

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Basic Rules when I host a match
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