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 War Record

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Ryudo Dragoon
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PostSubject: War Record   Sun Aug 09, 2009 6:33 pm

Counts all GBs and Scrims.(I count anything outside GB a scrim)
Blue=GB win Red=GB loss Green=Scrim win Yellow=Scrim loss / Opponent-Us

The Elite Connection (Aug 8, 2009) TO|R1=5-4 TO|R2=0-1 TR|R3=37-48
Elite Battle Force (Aug 9, 2009) TR|R1=24-50 TR|R2=30-65
Final-Resistance (Aug 10, 2009) TR|R1=21-50 TR|R2=20-50
Daimondbacks (Aug 11, 2009) TR|R1=14-50 TO|R2=1-2
Bounty Hunters (Aug 13, 2009) TR|R1=25-32 TR|R2=13-13 TR|R2(2)=1-4

Total Record


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War Record
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