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 Player Types and Weapon Sets

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PostSubject: Player Types and Weapon Sets   Mon Aug 10, 2009 10:02 am

From a conversation Blaeu had on Wiispeak the other day, I figured this would be a good topic to start. This is just a topic for people to post what kind of player they usually are while playing TR and TO. Also, they can post best weapon and weapons sets as well.

For me, I can take pretty much any role in TO. I can be good at base defense, charging for the ASE, or simply to put pressure on attackers to slow their advance. For TR, I'm more of the front-line attacker than the cover-fire person.

As for weapons, I love the USP as most people can guess, but I usually prefer fast firing weapons. My favorite weapons are still the USP, Warp Pistol and SCAR. And if you see me near or with a power weapon (Carbonizer or Shrieker), please take it from me. I'm not bad with them, but I just don't like to use them that much. For Weapon sets, I like most sets but Explosives and Chargeables are the two I hate the most. Explosives because of everyone starting with the SMAW, Chargeables because I don't like most of the weapons in that set.
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PostSubject: Re: Player Types and Weapon Sets   Mon Aug 10, 2009 10:17 am

i am the cannon fodder player in non-organized games. tell me to do something and i will do it im a foot soldier but can also be a strategist if i know my team well. i have played many squad based games so i know the ins and outs of team play with flanking, ambushing, luring and straight escorting people around in all games i master defence first rather than offense for the fact of defence wins championships. i just prefer to run and gun when we are not serious because it is more action and fun. i can also play a scout if need be to find enemy positions and snipe them if told to. i am not a ninja though i can find targets but can not sneak up to them from up close to kill them thats when i use Long range.

favorite weapon is either the USP or SCAR. best set for me is Near/Far since we have the shotgun which is a good weapon and the SCAR. if there was a set with the starting weapons of SCAR and USP i would never choose a different set. i also do not like super weapons. in publics i just steal the weapons so no one else can use them. my worst set is probably chargeables or CQC since i suck with drudge weaponry for the most part and the mp5 is okay. i have my pistol so i still do well in drudge.

Thats pretty much sums up my playing style. i run and gun unless serious in which i can play almost any role needed. if we need plans i can give them.
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Player Types and Weapon Sets
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