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 The return of ":Lags: List of tips"

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PostSubject: The return of ":Lags: List of tips"   Mon Aug 17, 2009 2:32 pm

"Tips by :Lag:"
-By :Lag: -_-

Hey guys, Ive been noticing a lack of improvement among players online, so it sparked my mind.
I figure id give everyone some tips ive learned playing Conduit, so. Here goes.

#1, YOU ARE NOT ABOVE FLASH GRENADES!- Despite what you may think, flash grenades are more effective than frag
grenades, and throwing explosive tennis balls around while blinded is a fools game. You can bet your enemy wont
hesitate to flash bang you for a cheap kill, so why not level the playing field? Flashbang into rooms, out of rooms,
Hell, even flashbang when you flashbang Wink

#2 Provide your own cover fire- Because god knows you cant always count on Mr.Ford to have your back. Even if you know you
cannot take your enemy down, it will atleast keep them from advancing, MIRIGHT?

#3 Control your enemys health- Did I say erase? no, I said control. Believe it or not regardless how good you are, theres
going to be situations when you cant always just pull a chucknorris on your enemys. It doesnt make you a noob to fall back
for a minute, but that doesnt mean run away. And remember, when your Regenerating, your enemy is too, so make sure you can pop
back out every odd second and hit them atleast once,because thats all it takes to stop them from regenerating. Gain the upper

#4 FalconnnPAWWWNCHHH!!!- Thats right, I said it. Dont be afraid to throw some knuckles. But with that said, keep in mind,
fist fights are a 50/50 battle and QuickMelee'ing Doesnt help much. Only melee if you know you can finish the fight fast.

#5 Use your 180 degree turn!!- Its your best defense against flash grenades and attacks from the rear O.o

#6 JUMP!!- Nobody cares how stupid you look doing it, the fact is its alot harder to bean a kid on a pogostick than it is a kid
on a bike, And the Conduit is no different! POGOSTICK>BIKE!

#7 Pull a Leeroy- If all else fails and you know your gonna die anyways, might aswell take a few people with you right? Radiation
and frag grenades also agree.

#8 Ass Football- No that wasnt a typo, you can be sure 90% of the people online are only out to get their own, and to them this
gametype is just another name for "Free Kills". Now im not saying join them and camp the ase, but before you pick that meatball
up and make a run for it, finish off the competition. You wouldnt run back into a burning house for a glass of water would you?

#9 H.E.A.D.S.H.O.T.S- If you cant get them constantly, DONT TRY TO! I cant stress this enough, People ask me all the time how
I kill them faster, and the answer is Headshots, but if your not getting them 90% of the time, your wasting bullets that could
be put to better use. Bottom line, Headshots are fine if your aim is a 9, but if its 1 out of ten, dont try it again.

#10 SCAR from AFAR- This should go with #9, but if your not getting headshots, STAY AWAY FROM THIS WEAPON. There are many better
weapons suited to your needs.

#11 Control Your Parkinsons- 12 out of 10 experts agree, USING a solid surface to rest your arm on improves your aim! Do it people.

#12 Dorritos and Orange Soda- Their for the win.
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Strike Rifle
Strike Rifle

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PostSubject: Re: The return of ":Lags: List of tips"   Thu Aug 20, 2009 1:59 am

Lol nice tips.
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Therm-mite Hunter
Therm-mite Hunter

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PostSubject: Re: The return of ":Lags: List of tips"   Fri Aug 21, 2009 7:50 pm

while 11 and 12 where pretty well... useless (maybe not 11) the rest seemed pretty good
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PostSubject: Re: The return of ":Lags: List of tips"   Fri Aug 21, 2009 9:38 pm

11 is not useless!!!
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Scarab Hunter
Scarab Hunter

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PostSubject: Re: The return of ":Lags: List of tips"   Sun Aug 23, 2009 4:27 pm


Sorry, I just had to.

Good tips, as well.
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PostSubject: Re: The return of ":Lags: List of tips"   

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The return of ":Lags: List of tips"
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