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Now being used for Conduit 2, check the Xat chat in the Portal to see who's on.
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 XChat tutorial (for IRC chat)

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PostSubject: XChat tutorial (for IRC chat)   Thu Sep 03, 2009 11:40 am

The embedded chat you see on the "Portal" and "IRC Chat" pages is our IRC channel. You may use the embedded versions to connect, but your experience will be much better using a dedicated IRC client such as XChat. Here is a short tutorial describing how to get yourself set up with it.

How to use XChat to connect to the IRC channel

1. Download and install Xchat from:

2. Open XChat and close any popup windows.

3. Click on Xchat>Network List

4. Fill in the name you want, and an alternate in case your first choice is taken (95% chance your first name choice will work)
5. Click "Add" and then name your newly created network. I suggest BAP.

6. Make sure your new network is selected and click "Edit"

7. where it says "newserver/6667" change newserver part to:

8. Be sure to press the "Enter" key on your keyboard to confirm your changes.

9. Use the "..." button beside favorite channels to add this channel: #bap_pu (edit it the same way you edited the newserver part earlier). Close the network edit window.

10. Thats it for configuration. Click connect to connect to the chat.

11. (optional) Bring up the network menu again and select BAP or whatever you named it, and then click "Edit". Check off "Connect to this network on startup" click close then check off "Skip network list on startup" - this will allow you to connect to the chat simply by opening XChat.
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XChat tutorial (for IRC chat)
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